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The Magnetic Woman

A live + recorded Masterclass on how to cultivate high self worth + use your wild feminine power to call in the love + life you desire


So you want epic love in your life? Presence, connection, intimacy, and that ever elusive spark?


Let me tell you a little secret. The love you’ve been craving…


It’s been here all along.


Whether you’re calling in a partner or craving deeper connection + intimacy in your current relationship.


It ALWAYS starts with you…


This. This is the most important relationship you will EVER have. It’s an inside job, as they say.


And here's where the magic happens...when you stop looking outside of yourself for the love you crave and begin to give yourself that love, when you let go of self doubt and start to build self-trust instead, and as you learn cultivate and amplify that wild, magnetic spark of feminine power from within...


You magnetise that same level of authentic love to you.

Here's what we'll cover:

⪢ Using your voice to express your needs + desires: whether you're talking to your partner or potential partner, or placing an order with the universe

⪢ How to get really clear on what you want and why, what your deal breakers are + how to NOT settle

⪢ Past relationships and sexual partners: energetic chords, clearing space + calling your power back

⪢ Why “no” is the most magnetic word in your vocabulary (especially for all the people pleasers out there)

⪢ The 2 energetic currents of liberation + manifestation, and how they can help you clear space for your desires to come through

⪢ How the universe may be testing you, and inviting you to stay in your worth

⪢ How to supercharge your magnetic power by using kama shakti (pleasure power) and the creative capacity of your womb space 

⪢ Rejection and "failed" relationships: how to reframe + redirect to what is in authentic alignment

⪢ Are you unconsciously blocking yourself from receiving the love (and everything else) that you want? How to open the receiving channel.

⪢ How to turn self-criticism + self doubt into curiosity, and extract the nectar from each lesson

⪢ Embodying the future version of yourself who already has what you're calling in, so that you can become an energetic match for your desires

During this Masterclass we'll cover all this and more, and I'll guide you through an embodied practice that you will continue to do over the next 40 days to activate your magnetism, so that you can amplify your capacity for authentic connection + intimacy, and tap into the endless well of creative power within to design + live your ideal life, the one that is authentic to YOU. A life packed to the brim with love + fulfilment. 

If you're unable to join live online you will receive the recording, and all attendees will get lifetime access to this Masterclass.


The Magnetic Woman


12pm PT ~ Vancouver, LA
3pm ET ~ Toronto, NY
8pm GMT ~ UK
9pm CET ~ Europe

Total payment for this 2 hour masterclass:

$111 CAD

Payment Magnetic Woman
6 Keys to Unlock your Magnetism

If you missed this complimentary mini-workshop, make sure you check it out!

Force of Nature

If you'd like to go deeper 1:1 coaching, learn more about my 3 month program, Force of Nature.

I'm Jules

I'm a Woman's Coach, Yogini + Reiki Master.

I empower women with the wisdom + tools to activate their inner sparkle, awaken their authentic voice and cultivate unshakeable confidence to step into the life they desire.


I call on 14 years of experience in the wellness space, using a unique blend of coaching, mentoring, educating, somatics and voice activation work to access deeper levels, initiate breakthroughs and create long lasting transformation. 

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