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I'm Jules

I'm a Yogini, Somatic Practitioner + Women's Mentor

My mission is to support you on your journey of reclaiming your voice, your choice + your power, coming home to the wisdom held within your body, remembering your inherent worth and embracing all aspects of yourself, especially the parts you hide away.


I call on 15 years of experience in the wellness space, using a unique blend of mentoring, educating, somatics,  voice activation + energy medicine to access deeper levels of healing + expansion, using practices that cultivate self-trust, healthy boundaries + radical self-compassion.

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The confident, empowered, sovereign woman that I am today, I wasn't always this way.

For a pretty significant chunk of my life I struggled with low self worth.

It’s taken a huge helping of self compassion, dedication to my inner work and a whole lot of grace to get to where I am today. Not to mention many earth angels - friends, mentors and teachers who were here to light the way.

Pulling yourself up and out of that spiral of self doubt, overthinking, comparison and self sabotaging behaviours...

It’s no small feat, I get it. It takes courage. It takes dedication. It takes grit.


And it requires FIERCE self love.

I wasn't always this way...

After a heart wrenching breakup in 2015 I found myself in a country far away from home.

Even though I had the support of a few great friends, I remember feeling lost, alone, confused, and so far from the truth of who I thought I was. 


I started to question my value, and whether or not what I had to offer was enough.

I was constantly doubting and comparing myself to others. Why did it seem so easy for everyone else to maintain thriving romantic relationships and build successful careers when I just seemed to be floundering in both departments? 

The reason, I would later discover, was that I was unconsciously sabotaging myself because I didn’t actually feel worthy of the life I desired. 

I didn't  feel worthy of the life I desired

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This is my story

I grew up in a loving and supportive home and lived a fairly sheltered life - but when I hit my teens that sheltered life began to quickly unravel. 

After a series of pretty traumatic events (perhaps a story for another time) I fell down a rabbit whole of partying and numbing out with drugs and alcohol, empty hook ups, junk food and cigarettes.

Most of the time I didn’t want to be in my body. I didn’t want to feel. I didn’t want to face what had happened to me, or the poor decisions I made on repeat, as a result of the misplaced shame and self loathing I felt. 

Little did I know, the key to my healing was in fact, in the very place I was avoiding…my own body.

When I found yoga in my early twenties, it was like coming home to my body for the very first time. 

Over the next decade of consistent practice and becoming a yoga teacher, I received so much of the healing I needed.


I began to trust my body again, and to feel safe in my own skin. 

But the story doesn’t end there....

The Awakening

Over the next few years I devoured all kinds of books, podcasts and courses on spirituality, the law of attraction, neuroscience, behavioural psychology, astrology, relationships, Ayurveda, tantra, somatic work, the chakra system, human design - anything that would give me insight into what was driving my choices + behaviours, and how I was keeping myself stuck.

But reading books and listening to podcasts only took me so far, I wasn't seeing the transformational results I truly desired...


I finally realised that if I wanted to create real, lasting change in my life, I needed to step up my game and start taking action. I needed to start investing in myself, in my healing, and in my growth.

And so...

⪢ I invested in coaches, healers, mentors + teachers who I felt connected to and safe with, to guide me through my transformation and to keep me accountable.

⪢ I went on my first 10 day silent meditation retreat (Vipassana) and started meditating daily. 

⪢ I began to study Reiki and went on to become a Reiki Master. 

⪢ And finally, I spent a year training with Shakti School and qualified as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach.


When I started valuing myself enough to invest in my healing + growth, this is when my inner world really began to transform, and as a result, my outer world began to mirror how I felt on the inside. 

WHY? Because energy responds to energy. When I started showing up for myself, the creative forces of the Universe responded with - "ok, she's ready now, she's finally OWNING her worth, let's give her what she needs."

And so I did (and continue to do) the work to integrate all of my lessons and learnings, so that I could do what I was put here on this earth to do...

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My work in this world is to show women how to step into their power by cultivating an unshakable confidence that is rooted in deep self love - so they can feel empowered in their choices in both love + life direction, and ultimately, so that they create the most beautiful + fulfilling life that they envision for themselves. 

My job as a coach and mentor is to be a mirror for you, to shine a light on your blindspots and empower you to find the answers within yourself.

Having support from mentors, healers and coaches who I felt safe with was a crucial part of my journey - I know how important this is from first hand experience and I don’t take this sacred responsibility lightly.

In our work together I guide you through the deep inquiry and healing work that allows you to see all the ways that you unconsciously block yourself from going after what you desire in life, AND gives you the tools to release and reprogram your self-limiting beliefs and patterns.

This is why I was put on this earth...


⪢ Somatic Attachment Therapy Certification ~ 2023, Embody Lab


⪢ Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach ~ 2021, Shakti School® 

Reiki Master + Teacher ~ 2020, Devi Ma @ Radiantly Alive in Ubud, Bali

Reiki Level 1 + 2 ~ 2018, Private Training with Joanna Lewins @ Ubud, Bali

Thai Massage practitioner ~ 2017, Sunshine Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand

 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (a variety of therapeutic modules): 2016 + 2017, Yoga Medicine®

200 Yoga Teacher Training ~ 2009, Frog Lotus Yoga, Costa Rica

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