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5 elements
+ the moon

Remember + Restore Your True Nature 

A 6 week online embodiment journey to get you connected to your heart and manifesting your dreams.


This is a 6 week deep dive where you will embody the teachings of the 5 elements (from the ayurvedic tradition) and the cycles of the moon to restore your true nature, manifest your dreams, uncover your purpose and make decisions from the heart. 


The wisdom of the elements + the chakra system both teach us how to let go of our limiting beliefs and recognise our innate worth + potential, so that we can ground our heart-felt desires into reality.

And moon wisdom shows us how to honour our internal rhythms + cycles so we can feel nurtured + nourished, radiant, alive + free.

I love elemental work and have learned something new from each workshop. I’m blessed to have had this opportunity to connect with you and your teachings. The energy of everyone who has contributed to the success of something so beautiful and reachable. Oh and the Bali setting. Wowza. I’ve never been but it’s defo on my list.

Thank you From my heart to yours. May we both continue to grow and reach for the stars!


Linda O’conner



$297 CAD*


*Above prices include tax 


How it feels to live from your heart

For many of us there is a disconnect between ourselves and the living, breathing world around us, which in turn leaves us disconnected from our own hearts + bodies, and blocks us from realising our potential. 

We are surviving rather than thriving. 

We live in a world where it's all too easy to get caught up in our heads and in the waves of emotion, find ourselves off balance.

When we're disconnected from our hearts, we make choices based on fear and survival. We feel stuck, like something isn't quite right. We lack the clarity on our purpose + how to move forward.

Now more than ever, it's important that we have the tools to help us navigate our lives, to move from just managing and getting by - to thriving and flourishing.

So how do you move from surviving to thriving?

Together the 5 elements + the moon give you a road map to get there. To feel whole, connected to your heart, vibrant + limitless.

You start from the beginning. You find yourself on solid ground, learn how to trust in the flow of your life + access your inner power.


As you do, you rise up and release the blocks + beliefs that are keeping you from your deepest desires + expressing your true potential. 

Yes, I want to be connected to my heart !
Find out more
The Elements

Week 1: Earth


supportive +


In our first week we set the foundation for this 6 week deep dive. We explore practices that remind us we are safe, stable + supported, that we have everything that we need, and that we are at home in our bodies.

Week 2: Water

 🜄 ​​​


fluid + nurturing

With a solid foundation we move from survival and attending to our basic needs, to exploring what makes us feel good! And when we feel at ease and in the flow of our lives, we can begin to play with our creative side and explore colouring outside the lines.

Week 3: Fire



strenght + resilience

In week 3 we focus on our deepest desires + what drives us. What are you passionate about and what makes you feel fulfilled? As we tap into our unique strengths + explore how we can shine our inner light out into the world, our confidence builds we see how intrinsically capable + strong we are.

Week 4: Air



heart centred + expansive

This week we expand into the heart space. As we open ourselves to new perspectives and look at the beliefs that are keeping us small, often we see that those limitations are only in our mind. That freedom is available when we lead with our heart, and when we learn to distinguish the voice of our True Selves from the parts of ourselves who are making decisions for our lives based on past pain.

Week 5: Ether (space)


attuned + aligned

Week 5 is all about raising our vibrations, tapping into the infinite well of potential + possibility that lies just beyond what we can perceive with our senses. Inspiration, ideas + clarity arrive when we are open to them, when we truly believe in our innate limitless potential.

Week 6: The Moon


rhythms + cycles

In our final week we learn how to use the phases of the moon to create intentions that are more aligned with how we want to feel, clarify our heart-felt desires, trust, refine and release what is no longer in alignment with those intentions. 

Your road map for the journey:

Each week you'll dive into the content for each of the 5 Elements, and the moon on the final week, 


⪢ A pre-recorded hour long workshop based on each of the 5 Elements + the moon, hosted by myself + hand picked experienced practitioners.

⪢  A 30 minute recorded yoga practice with a dreamy balinese backdrop. Plus an optional 15 min warm up + 15 min cool down practice that you can add to your practice

⪢ A  guided meditation


⪢ Reflection prompts that will help you to stay aligned with your intentions, release limiting beliefs and to commit to a consistent daily practice.


BONUS resources:

2 x 15 minute warm up and 2 x 20 minute cool down yoga videos that you can add to your 30 minute flows to make a full hour long class.

A printable PDF guide: the 7 main chakras and their relationship to the

5 elements

A printable PDF guide: Mudras for the Elements

A printable PDF guide: a Guide to the Cycles of the Moon

5 Elements + the Moon
Yoga Flows

Embodied yoga with a dreamy

Balinese backdrop

These weekly pre-recorded flows are designed to balance the 7 main chakra points + the qualities of the 5 elements, allowing us to feel more deeply connected to our bodies + our breath.

Julia's classes are dynamic + nourishing, pushing you to find your boundary with huge compassion + love. With deep breath-work, yoga grounded in Yoga Medicine® training + a sunshine smile, she will guide you back into your glorious body with equal measure grit + grace.

Sonja Lockyer

Julia is one of the most creative asana weavers I've ever seen. Her yoga and knowledge inspires me to no end.


Anna Bek


Your Commitment

Come with big dreams. Show up whole heartedly. Send the message to the universe that you are committed to yourself, your intentions + your heart's desires ~ and the universe will reflect back to you the commitment that you put in. 

The amount of time you commit daily will vary. Aside from your 1 hour weekly workshop, I would suggest committing to 15 - 30 minutes every morning.


What amount of time feels sustainable for you? The commitment that I ask from you is consistency ~ even if you only have 5 minutes a day!

I'm Ready
to Commit!

Thank you so much for today’s recipes for digestive fire workshop. I absolutely loved it. In these difficult times right now, when low mood is so easy I found it uplifting and such a boost.

Thank you.

Andrea Adamson

Thank you for an awesomely inspiring workshop. I re- connected with my 8 year old self who loved making rose perfume (for fairies) and pressing flowers. I really appreciated the reminder to be in the moment and love the idea of capturing special times through art and nature. 

Michelle Vaughton

I watched the replay of the heart healing workshop this morning and found the meditations very powerful and insightful. I’m really looking forward to carrying on with the rest of the course. Love and light to you.

Samantha Allen

Really enjoyed the breath workshop loved the idea of the 4 stages of breath and 4 seasons.


I've gathered together my most valued + knowledgeable practitioners to join us on this deep dive! They will share their elemental wisdom + experience through workshops that are designed to help you to embody the teachings of the 5 elements + the moon.

the workshops
The Workshops

You'll learn from myself + 5 other incredibly knowledgeable + experienced practitioners who I have personally selected to share their elemental magic with you!


We will each guide you through a workshop designed to help you embody the teachings of the 5 elements + the moon.


As you integrate these teachings + practices you create energetic building blocks that will raise your vibration + bring you into alignment with what you are calling into your life - better health + vibrancy, intrinsic self-belief + trust in the universe and your path.

Each weekly workshop is an hour long and pre-recorded, the final workshop is a special 2 hour session including a one hour moon flow yoga session.



sonja 2.jpg

with Sonja Lockyer

The aim of this workshop is to allow you to discover the potential your breath offers you for calm, rest and vagal tone.  With simple breath practices and your own innate intuition you have everything you need to navigate the rollercoaster ride of life with a sense of autonomy and empowered intelligence.  Your breath is the thread that weaves the mundane to the divine, accessible at all times with immense capacity for contentment, courage and deep deep sense of the love within.  It is less about learning, more about remembering: you are heaven and earth embodied.

Reveal Your

Creative Self

Bio Pic 2.jpeg

with Julia Cobban

Join Julia for a journey to find your creative flow! 


Healing Herbs + Recipes for Digestive Fire


with Rachael Waring

In this workshop Rachael will be talking us through some simple and beneficial wild herbs which are abundant and can be foraged easily.


She will share how and what to forage as well as how to store so you have a supply of herbs year round. There will be a focus on herbs which support the healthy function of the liver, aiding elimination of toxins.


She will also be running through a simple but nourishing recipe for a plant based meal to stoke your digestive fire and further support the liver.

Heart Healing + Internal Dynamics


with Aisha Fakro

One of Air’s most majestic qualities is the fact that it’s dynamic. In this workshop we explore the internal relational dynamics that drive many of our narratives, reactions and feelings. The experiences we undergo, the people who enter our lives, and the beliefs and values we’re exposed to all contribute to the development of many entities within us – parts of ourselves with roles and agendas. This community of parts often runs the show without our conscious awareness, and shapes how we experience our joys and successes as well as our pain.

This session will be an introduction to developing a clearer, more compassionate perspective towards these inner dynamics. We will examine the benefits of this work for our mental and relational wellness, and explore some ideas on how to relate to these parts in a way that enables us to find a sense of deep peace and – if desired – powerful transformation.




with Anna Bek

Using live and pre-recorded sounds, Anna Bek’s Sonic Journeys provide the backdrop for you to dissolve into being, to surrender the subconscious, and to settle the nervous system for shifting into theta and delta brainwave states where we are able to create more brain and heart coherence for deep healing through deep listening.


Allow the sounds to wash over you and receive.

Full Moon


Bio Pic 2.jpeg

With Julia Cobban

This will be the final workshop on our journey to Remember + Restore our True Nature.

At the peak of her cycle, the moon begins her ascent into the sky just as the sun begins to set - casting light directly on her, illuminating the moon in her FULL glory. This serves as a reflection of how we're often feeling at this time - open, bright + expansive, with access to a seemingly endless source of energy.

It's the perfect opportunity to gather together (virtually of course!) at the full moon, to soak up and harness the high vibe energy, to celebrate each other and to align with the current moon cycle.

Expect time for (optional) sharing, breath-work and a full moon yoga flow that will allow you to explore different shapes and movement within those shapes to ease tension and balance your energy.

Meet The Team
sonja 2.jpg
Sonja Lockyer

Sonja has been teaching yoga for over 15 years and remains passionate about the healing potential of movement, breath and stillness. 

The Breathwork Foundation was created after training in breath practices with BNS Iyengar in Mysore, India in 2006. More recently, her work volunteering on the Eating Disorders Ward of a local hospital finally convinced Sonja of the importance & urgency of sharing these simple, effective tools for self-regulation of the nervous system.

Central to everything Sonja offers is the intention for her clients to create autonomous wellbeing, learning tools for self-regulating the nervous system and connecting back to the intelligence of your own body.

Her approach includes multiple disciplines of trauma-informed wellbeing including yoga, qoya, meditation, breath practices and bodywork.  She is currently studying Biodynamic Cranialsacral Therapy and works from her practice in Poole, Dorset.


Rachael Waring

Rachael is an experienced yoga teacher with a passion for sustainability, ecology, and in particular plants and their medicine.


Having moved into a dilapidated property in the New Forest National Park two years ago, Rachael and her husband have worked hard to turn the property into a smallholding which can support them, heading towards self-sufficiency. With a focus on biodynamic principles, all their veg are grown organically and the abundance of fresh seasonal veg has been immensely rewarding and further fueled her love of cooking.


As well as providing their food, the land has also provided medicine as Rachael enjoys drying, tincturing, and creating oils and balms from the medicinal herbs which grow wild on the land.

Meet the Team
Aisha Fakhro

Aisha is trained as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist as well as a yoga and meditation teacher and teacher trainer, her work blends a wide variety of disciplines and modalities to enable clients to develop and rediscover their inner resources, empowering them to thrive and create the life they want to live. Aisha considers herself a global citizen, having been exposed to various cultural influences growing up and with friends from all around the world. This enables her to approach this work from a place of shared humanity and an appreciation of what it means to be human beyond perceived borders and labels. Her work encourages a sense of open curiosity and exploration to weave diverse experiences and challenges

into newfound meaning.


"There’s a place of immense resilience and peace deep within each of us that is always there for us to learn to access no matter what we’ve been through. My job and purpose is to support you on your journey to connect back to that place." - Aisha


Anna Bek

Anna Bek is a yogi, DJ, and storyteller with a nomadic spirit. She helps bring people back into their natural rhythms through sacred movement, ancient philosophies, self-care, and sound. By cultivating positive habits, she is empowering others to turn routine into ritual.

Anna enjoys creating soundscapes to help motivate the movement and realign specific chakra points with live and prerecorded sounds. Each session with her is tuned to a unique rhythm and intended to connect like-minded beings to elevate consciousness and inspire change.

“For me music is spirituality. There is no other art form that can take me to places where my emotions are free to flow in any direction they want to. Similarly, music has the ability to entrain the mind and to transport us to other realms.” - Anna 


She is an ERYT-500 level teacher with Yoga Alliance and is currently based in Bali, Indonesia.

Bio Pic 2.jpeg

Julia Cobban

I've been working in the health + wellness industry for over 13 years, first as a guide + teacher, then a healer, a mentor + a coach.


My first love was yoga asana, which led me to explore the many facets of yoga beyond the physical. It was a gateway into a deeper connection to my authentic, intuitive Self, the Self that is always plugged into the Divine.


My path with yoga eventually led me to Ayurveda, tantra and other forms of energy work + spirituality, which led me to the work I do now as a Feminine Embodiment Coach, guiding woman to find the answers they seek within themselves, by teaching them how to awaken to their unique + innate inner power.


$297 CAD*


*Above price includes tax 

How much does it cost?

Here's everything that is included in this 6 week journey:

6 x welcome videos with lessons from the elements + moon to guide your intentions for the week

5 x 30 minute yoga flow videos (filmed in Bali ♡)

+ 1 pre-recorded one hour moon flow 

6 x15 minute guided meditations (audio recording)

6 recorded workshops hosted by myself + and my most highly valued practitioners who will share their elemental wisdom

2 x 15 minute warm ups +

2 x 20 minute cool down videos that you can add to your 30 minute flows to make a full hour long + class.


A guide to the 7 main chakras (energy centres) and their relationship to the elements

Weekly reflection prompts to keep you connected to your intentions

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