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Embodying Shakti

Over 4 weeks you'll learn how to activate Prana Shakti, how to utilise + balance the feminine + masculine qualities within and explore the energetic anatomy through the lens of Ayurvedic wisdom teachings + embodied feminine practices.

What is Prana?

Prana is the energetic spark within you, the pulse of life that flows through + around your body + animates every aspect of your being ~ just like the electricity that flows when you put a plug into a socket.

The flow of your personal life force energy is affected by both internal + external forces, and contributes in a HUGE way to your overall physical, mental + emotional wellbeing. 

If you are feeling out of balance, depleted, overwhelmed, in a fog or in a slump ~ it’s a sure fire sign that this flow of life force energy has been impeded in some way.

Your life force is your personal power. This is Prana Shakti. When your life force is impeded, so is your power. So is your ability to access your core essence, your higher self, and your ability to face everyday challenges with ease + grace.

The good news is, you have the ability to change your energy + boost the flow of Prana in an instant, and to build + strengthen your nervous system resilience. 

Activating Prana Shakti

This video is a replay of an Instagram Live I did in October, where I talk about a few of the main principles included in this 4 week series. The complimentary workshop I mentioned can be accessed here.

And that's exactly what these workshops are designed to help you do.

One to One Coaching

Embodying Shakti is included in my 6 month 1:1 coaching program

These workshops provide a solid foundation for those who want to go deeper with one to one coaching, creating consistency + be supported through the process of integrating this knowledge so that it becomes embodied wisdom, and learning how to navigate challenges in your daily life with this new found wisdom.


You'll learn the energetic anatomy according to the Ayurvedic tradition, to understand + experience:


⪢ the polarities of masculine + feminine energies

⪢ the ways in which energy moves (the Vayus)

⪢ the layers of the energy body (the Koshas)

⪢ and how the above are all connected to the Chakras + Elements found in nature


AND most importantly, you'll learn:


⪢ how these energies affect you on a daily basis 

⪢ how to work with and direct Prana (life force energy)

⪢ practical + tangible ways that you can regulate your nervous system to support your physical, mental + emotional wellbeing

Embodying Shakti

4 x 60 minute workshops

These sessions are recorded from previously live online workshops. 

What will I learn?

1 x Payment of
$297 CAD

Includes tax + transfer fees.

4 Week Group Coaching
I'm Jules

I'm a Yogini, Feminine Embodiment Coach + Reiki Master.


I show spiritually conscious women like you how to build unshakeable self confidence and activate your magnetic power to attract the life + the love you desire.

The road map? Embodied feminine wisdom teachings from the ancient Ayurvedic + tantric traditions.

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