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One to One Coaching

The most impactful way to work with me, a 6 month transformative experience. Together we get down to the nitty gritty - uncovering all the ways you are being blocked from expanding into the most authentic, confident + magnetic version of yourself, and creating the abundant + fulfilling life that you are so deserving of.


The Magnetic Woman

Your 6 Month Path to Liberate Yourself from Imposter Syndrome, Build Unshakeable Self Trust + Activate Your Wild Feminine Power


There is a wild + primal force within you, more powerful than you could possibly imagine. It is the same force that pulls the tides and moves mountains. The same creative force that takes a seed and transforms it into a flower. The same force that has the capacity to create a human life in your body.


This force is at the very core of who you are, and when you learn how to access this creative force from within, cultivate unshakable self trust, break free from limiting beliefs + toxic patterns and activate your magnetic magic, you will become an energetic match for the love and life you desire.

Are you ready to become a Magnetic Woman?!

I just want to thank you again for our call today, your coaching is on another level just like I was looking for. It was such an "aha" moment when I connected the pattern between me and my dad. Thank you for a new perception you opened up for me and everything else that you have activated and are still activating in me. I'm learning so much from you, I feel like I'm transforming little by little every single day and everything around me is shifting as well. Life is so exciting right now and I'm looking forward to more of this Divine magic in my life!

Maria K


You’ve done A LOT of work on yourself but you still find yourself stuck repeating the same patterns, staying small and not living up to your true potential

You’re tired of trying all the things - reading the books, listening to podcasts...trying to figure it all out on your own and not gaining any traction 

You admire women who seem so self assured and unapologetically themselves, and you want to feel that way too


Even though you’ve met most of the milestones on your life plan checklist, you still feel like something is missing, and you’re starting to wonder, Is there more to life than this? Is this really it?


You want to feel confident in your skin, to quiet that voice in your head that tells you that you’re not ______ enough (fill in the blank!)​

You want to show up to life, to your relationships + to your work as your best self, and to create deeper, more authentic connection and intimacy in your relationships


You're ready to ditch the anxiety and overthinking, the comparison, self doubt + self judgement. You know you're meant for big things - now you just need a road map to get you there!​

Let me guess...

If any of these statements sound familiar, you're in the right place. I've been there, and I've got you!


How I can help:

The Magnetic Woman is a 6 month sacred container where I will use a blend of coaching, educating, subconscious work, somatics, voice activation and energy realignment to help you initiate breakthroughs, access deeper levels of healing and create long lasting transformation. 


During our time together I will guide you through the deep inquiry and healing work that allows you to see all the ways that you unconsciously block yourself from going after what you desire in life. This work empowers you with knowledge, and gives you the tools to release and reprogram those self-limiting beliefs and patterns.

While I like to use a framework for our time together, each session is as unique as you and will be completely tailored to your needs. We will meet privately via Zoom every other week, and I'll be available to support you over email and voice note throughout the entire 6 months.

What's included: 

➵ 12x 60 minute private coaching sessions via Zoom 

➵ Follow up emails after each session with action steps, resources + recording of our session (yours to keep and refer back to)

➵ 6 months of email and/or voice note support between sessions, providing support + accountability to keep you on track 

➵ Embodying Shakti ~ My 4 week Workshop Series (details below

➵ Reflective tools to help you integrate your learnings. These may be in the form of videos, guided audio/meditations, reflective journal prompts etc..

6 month program

⪢ How to turn self-criticism + self doubt into curiosity, and extract the nectar from each lesson

⪢ The root of generational patterns + beliefs that have been passed down through both your maternal + paternal lines

⪢ Your relationship to the internal cycles of the feminine and how you can access more ease + grace in your life by aligning with them

⪢ Understanding emotional 'ama' (toxic build up) and learning techniques to process emotions in a healthy way, thereby increasing emotional resilience

⪢ Your relationship to your body, your self-confidence, pleasure + sexuality

⪢ Rejection: how to reframe your experience + redirect to future opportunities and relationships that are in alignment

⪢ Relationships and sexual partners: identifying any dysfunction in current partner dynamics, cutting energetic cords of past partners, clearing space + calling your power back

⪢ How to supercharge your magnetic power by using kama shakti (pleasure power) and the creative capacity of your womb space 

First we start at the root, looking at...

⪢ How to get really clear on what you want and why, what your deal breakers are + how to NOT settle

⪢ Why “no” is the most magnetic word in your vocabulary (especially for all the people pleasers out there)

⪢ Embodying the future version of yourself so that you can become an energetic match for the life you're calling in

⪢ Using your voice to express your needs + desires: whether you're talking to your current or potential partner, or placing an order with the universe

⪢ How the universe may be testing you and inviting you to stay in your worth

⪢ How you may be unconsciously blocking yourself from receiving all that you want, and how to open the receiving channel.

 Reprogramming subconscious shadow blocks that are keeping you small and holding you back from calling in authentic love + designing the life you most desire

⪢ The 2 energetic currents of liberation + manifestation, and how they can help you clear space for your desires to come through

Then we explore...
Is this program right for you?

"Thank you, the mentoring you have given me has been life changing. I do not say this lightly. You have not just increased my knowledge but helped me redefine the focus on my life journey ahead. You have helped empower me to take control of my life and align goals to my values, whilst ensuring the true direction I take is joyful."

Heather Olive

I'm Jules

I'm a Yogini, Somatic Practitioner + Women's Mentor

My mission is to support you on your journey of reclaiming your voice, your choice + your power, coming home to the wisdom held within your body, remembering your inherent worth and embracing all aspects of yourself, especially the parts you hide away.


I call on 15 years of experience in the embodiment and self-discovery space, using a unique blend of mentoring, educating, somatics, voice activation + energy medicine to access deeper levels of healing + expansion, using practices that cultivate self-trust, healthy boundaries + radical self-compassion.

Roll up your sleeves and do your inner work. Do things differently. Face your shadows. Let go of who you were, and become who you want to be. BE ‘the one’ you’ve been waiting for.


You must be ALL IN. You must be willing to step up. You must be willing to invest your time, energy + resources into your own joy + wellbeing. 


When you do, you become that unstoppable force of nature. You become the MAGNETIC WOMAN.

Are you Ready?

To step into the future you envision, you must be willing to...


Embodying Shakti

Throughout these pre-recorded workshops you'll learn how to activate Prana Shakti (your feminine power), how to utilise + balance the feminine + masculine qualities within and explore the energetic anatomy through the lens of Ayurvedic wisdom teachings + embodied feminine practices.

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