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One to One Sessions

⋆ Uncover the next unique expression of your dharma (purpose) by understanding the 4 types of dharma, using specific dharma development steps, and exploring your deepest desires

⋆ Develop + maintain a sadhana ~ a daily spiritual practice that will keep you aligned with your truth and life path

⋆ Bring light to subconscious beliefs + heal ancestral patterns that are keeping you stuck

⋆ Learn subtle energy tools to help you create shifts on a mental, emotional, physical level + spiritual level

⋆ Acknowledge your intrinsic ability to create big + beautiful changes in your life, that keep you feeling inspired + fulfilled

⋆ Use ancient wisdom practices from the Ayurvedic tradition, to expand into + embody that next version of yourself

Let's explore together

Guiding heart centred humans to uncover their truth + soul fulfilling life path is a huge passion of mine, and this is just a small (but very important) part of the one to one work I do.

Working one to one allows me to hold space for whatever you’re processing in the moment, offer intuitive guidance, shine a light on your blind spots, and share the practical + powerful tools for self~healing + self~empowerment that have been passed down to me by my teachers, and the long lineage of teachers before them.

If you're ready to take the next step on your evolutionary journey, ready to embody the next version of your soul’s purpose, book a 15 minute alignment call with me now ♡

"Thank you, the mentoring you have given me has been life changing.  I do not say this lightly.  You have not just increased my knowledge but helped me redefine the focus on my life journey ahead.  You have helped empower me to take control of my life and align goals to my values, whilst ensuring the true direction I take is joyful."

Heather Olive

How it Works

Each session is tailored to your individual needs

The sessions include sharing, reflection, intuitive guidance and practices that we will do together. If it feels aligned for you, we can explore various tools + practices ~ meditation, pranayama, mudra, mantra, sacred ritual, philosophy, subtle energy work etc.


The practices I’ll be sharing with you can be added to your own personal toolkit or medicine bag, and can also be shared with your clients + students if you are teacher or aspiring teacher. 

While I tailor the sessions to you, I generally like to use the 3 month framework (below). Of course I'm always open to exploring other options + changing up the flow of our sessions to suit your needs as they arise.

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Month 1

In our first month together we work with the elements of earth + water, root and sacral chakras. We'll look at your roots, your origin story, your connection to your tribe, the generational patterns that help you to rise, and the ones that might be blocking you.

Trace back and identify generational patterns + beliefs

Ceremony to cut chords from past partners


Month 2

In our second month we work with fire + air, solar plexus + heart chakras.


Month 3

In our third month we work with ether + the moon, as well as the upper 3 chakras. We’ll address any remaining mindset + energy shifts so that you can open yourself up to possibility and manifest your dreams + desires, and we’ll explore how to honour your internal rhythms and live in alignment with the seasons + the cycles of the moon.

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