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My Gift to You

The 5 Day New Moon Manifestation Challenge

Join me for a FREE week of mini talks AND a FREE hour long pre-recorded zoom New Moon Ceremony 

The 5 day challenge & hour long moon ceremony has been pre-recorded and can be completed on the next new moon.

Each day of The New Moon Manifestation Challenge I share a practice that will help you to design specific intentions to create, call in + manifest your desires, using each of the 5 elements

~ earth, water, fire, air + ether! 

Then on the new moon we gather together to set our intentions that will help us to manifest our dreams + desires. 

The new moon is a time for deep inner listening, reflection, honing our superpowers and setting our intentions for what we want to call in, create or manifest in our lives.


This is a time to dream big, and also to re-evaluate + refine our past goals + intentions.

I can't wait to share this experience with you!



There are those days when all feels light and easy, like a cool breeze on a warm summers day...but let’s get real, who wakes up every single day feeling that  glow... sounds a bit idealistic, no?It’s true, we can’t always control how we’re going to feel, HOWEVER - what we CAN control are our intentions for how we WANT to feel. That’s why my daily mantra is Get Up + Glow - I know the power in setting this intention for myself, and how it can help me to shift into that state. If my intention is to get up and feel light and open and breezy - what steps can I take every day to support myself in feeling that way?


let me show you how...


Start with this 5 day challenge ~ and I’ll continue to share powerful tools and resources that keep you aligned with your intentions for how you want to feel + be + live + love in this life. 

When you join the Get Up + Glow Tribe you'll receive tips + tools right to your inbox, members only discounts and you'll be the first to hear about exclusive offerings. Enter your email below and you'll get immediate access to your free challenge - just click "Yes Please!" below - and check your inbox for your challenge. 

with love,

Jules x

Moon Flow

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