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Emotional Health + Resilience Workshop

Emotion is energy in motion. It's meant to move through you, rather than be stored. When it becomes stored in the energy body it creates a build up of what Ayurveda calls Ama, which is indigested gunk or toxic build up.

Your Prana, or life force energy needs a clear channel to flow through, to keep all of the layers of your being vibrant + healthy.

If you are able to feel an emotion as it arises in the moment, it takes around 60-90 seconds to move through you, as long as there’s no story attached to the emotion.

But as we all know, it isn’t always easy to do, in a world where expressing your emotions is often frowned upon….

When you’re not given the opportunity to feel an emotion in the moment, it creates a build up of emotional Ama (a Sanskrit word for undigested waste), which has the potential to turn you into a fire breathing dragon, a sobbing child or one of those dashboard bobble heads ~ completely detached and disembodied.

Nobody wants to live their lives highly reactive or numbing out all the time (or both)!

Emotional processing is vital for clearing and breaking down undigested emotions and preventing emotional ama (gunk or toxin) from building up….

…which means flowing Prana (life force energy), which means vibrant health + wellbeing.

This workshop is designed to help you cleanse + maintain your emotional body and build emotional resilience, using techniques based on Ayurvedic wisdom teachings + embodied practices.

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