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Activate Your Magnetic Power


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Let me tell you a little secret. The answers you've been seeking...


They've been here all along.


Whether you’re seeking clarity + direction or a higher sense purpose, or you desire to use your voice with more impact + less fear, or you're calling in a partner or craving deeper connection + intimacy in your relationships...


It ALWAYS starts with you.


This. This is the most important relationship you will EVER have. It’s an inside job, as they say.


And here's where the magic happens...when you stop looking outside of yourself for the love you crave and begin to give yourself that love, when you let go of self doubt and start to build self-trust instead, and when you move past the anxiety + self judgement and into UNSHAKEABLE confidence...


You become a magnet for all that you desire.

Hey Beautiful
I'm Jules

I'm a Woman's Coach, Yogini + Reiki Master.

I empower women with the tools + wisdom to activate their magnetic power + inner sparkle, awaken their authentic voice and cultivate unshakeable confidence to step into the life they desire.


I call on 14 years of experience in the wellness space, using a unique blend of coaching, mentoring, educating, healing and voice activation work to access deeper levels, initiate breakthroughs and create long lasting transformation.

I just want to thank you again for our call today, your coaching is on another level just like I was looking for. It was such an "aha" moment when I connected the pattern between me and my dad. Thank you for a new perception you opened up for me and everything else that you have activated and are still activating in me. I'm learning so much from you, I feel like I'm transforming little by little every single day and everything around me is shifting as well. Life is so exciting right now and I'm looking forward to more of this Divine magic in my life!

Maria K

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Embodying Shakti


Over 4 weeks you'll learn how to activate Prana Shakti, how to utilise + balance the feminine + masculine qualities within and explore the energetic anatomy through the lens of Ayurvedic wisdom teachings + embodied feminine practices.

"Learning with Julia is such a joy. She has an amazing energy and I feel everything she teaches is so genuine and comes from the heart. Also, she is a wealth of knowledge and experience that anyone can learn from. I feel so much better each time I train with her ~ meditation, yoga, workshops, Reiki..."

Hanadi Daw

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